Winterization Instructions



The main shut off to your system is located by the water meter box. There are usually two different valve boxes in the same area: one for your home and the other for your system. The grass will grow over them, so you may have to probe around. Look for an indented area of the grass approximately 6 inches to 1 foot from the corner of the meter. 

The ball valve handle is either blue or red and will turn only one direction. To turn the water off turn the handle counter clockwise, leaving it crisscrossed the pipe. This shuts down water flow from the water meter to the system.


Picture Left shows the valve box covered in ground. 

Picture Right is the box opened. The ball valve in this picture is on. 



To drain the standing water from the lines, locate the backflow preventer, or vacuum breaker. By our area regulation the unit is required to be 12” above ground on copper lines. Generally, it will be close to the building hidden within a flower bed or behind bushes. 

Turn the flat head screws on the pet cocks one quarter turn each. This allows water within the backflow to escape. 


That will trap water inside, leaving it vulnerable to freeze. 

This picture shows the backflow preventer in the “on” position: both handles running the same directions of the pipe and both screws vertical.



Turn the controller to auto and press the Manual Start button. 

Let the water drain for 30 seconds.

Turn the controller off for the winter.



Reverse Step Two and then Step One.

Turn your controller to Auto and set your new times for spring.

Not a Do-It-Yourselfer?


We have a full service crew ready to come to see you!  We work longer hours and take same day winterization appointments when we know temperatures will be below freezing.

(318) 686-0129

If you would prefer for us to deal with your system all year for you, download and send in our Planned Service Agreement below.  We offer two annual visits to take care of you automatically in spring and winter.  We just want to make life just a little easier for you!